BTS’s Invitation To The Billboard Music Awards Has Been Confirmed

Big Hit Entertainment‘s golden group, BTS, may be attending the annual Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) ceremony according to this Tweet.

BTS recently became the first Korean group to be nominated for a Billboard award and fans are, naturally, over the moon.

Until today, however, it was unclear whether BTS would be one of the select guests to be invited to the prestigious ceremony. Thanks to a zealous fan who tweeted the president of Dick Clark Productions (the company that organizes the Billboard Music Awards), BTS fans now have an answer to that question.

Mike Mahan, (Dick Clark Productions’ president), personally responded to the ARMY with an affirmative response, confirming BTS’s invitation.


Thanks to the boys’ hard work BTS has been nominated for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in the category of Top Social Media Artist and is responsible for this K-Pop first.

Voting for the 2017 Billboard Music Awards will end on May 21, on the day of the award ceremony.