BTS’s Jimin Was Chosen As One Of GQ’s Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Truly a fashionista.

Jimin, member of worldwide sensation boygroup BTS, was chosen as one of GQ‘s “The 10 Best-Dressed Men of The Week”.

Columnist Megan Gustashaw placed Jimin at number three of her list. The look she chose was when BTS arrived Gimpo Airport in Seoul last July 17, 2019. The reason she chose this look is because she believes this is how anyone should dress up at the airport.

Many people adore this look, saying that he has a great sense of style and his clothes always match him. ARMYs are saying that its his visual and his slim, muscular body that completes the look.

Wow, Park Jimin! Honestly, I’m not that surprised since Jimin is a fashionist and really knows how to dress. Jimin is the best!

– Korean Netizen

Source: Tenasia