BTS’s Jimin Couldn’t Resist Pengsoo’s Charms As He Went In For That Back Hug

Fans can’t get over this cute interaction.

On the second day of the 34th Golden Disc Awards, BTS members couldn’t get enough of Korea’s most famous animal, Pengsoo. Pengsoo is a character from EBS and has captured many fans’ hearts through his YouTube channel.




Pengsoo attended the show as one of the award presenters and unexpectedly had all his wishes come true after having the opportunity to meet with BTS.




Pengsoo proved he was a true fan by dancing to “IDOL” and “Boy With Luv” and had the members falling over with laughter.




Jimin in particular seemed to enjoy Pengsoo’s company as he couldn’t stop smiling and laughing at Pengsoo’s every move. Even as the members danced along with Pengsoo, Jimin couldn’t finish the dance moves as he turned away from laughing. V also couldn’t help but fall for Pengsoo as well as he went in for a full-frontal hug.




It seemed that Jimin had fallen head-over-heels for Pengsoo’s charms. So much so that Jimin couldn’t help but give Pengsoo a back hug after the dance was over.




Watch the full interaction between Pengsoo and BTS below!




It seems like Pengsoo has successfully won over Jimin’s heart with his charms!