BTS’s Jimin and Eric Nam Prove They’re BFFs As They Watched Alec Benjamin’s Concert Together

They were seen enjoying together.

Now that BTS is on hiatus, the boys have time to do whatever they want. On August 16, 2019, Jimin was invited by Alec Benjamin for his show in Seoul on the 18th.

alec benjamin bts jimin

It seems Jimin accepted the invite, but he didn’t go alone.

jimin concert

Fans spotted him with famous soloist Eric Nam!

jimin eric nam jimin eric nam1

jimin eric nam2

They can be seen watching from above in a private box, chatting and enjoying the concert together.

jimin alec benjamin

The two artists have been seen interacting with each other numerous times. From music show programs…

jimin eric nam3

… to ISAC!

jimin eric nam4

Eric Nam was even seen once attending a BTS concert by himself. In true ARMY spirit, he was proudly holding up a banner in support of the boys.

eric nam bts concert

After the concert, both Jimin and Alec Benjamin posted photos with each other on Twitter. They both thanked each other for their company.

Source: The Qoo
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