When BTS’s Jimin Learnt That His Former Elementary School Was Closed Down, This Was The Heartwarming Thing He Did For The Remaining Students

He spent a lot of happy memories at a school that is now gone

As many fans will know, BTS’s Jimin was raised in Busan where he experienced a lot of happy memories, with childhood friends that he still keeps in touch with to this day.

His elementary school was Hoedong Elementary School and was where he had played with many of his childhood friends.

Originally, the school was a popular choice for many families. In some years, there were so many students, that the school had to split the classes by time because there weren’t enough teachers!

However, in February 2018, the elementary school had closed down after years of dwindling student numbers.

Due to the expansion of corporations in the town, the surrounding residential areas had begun to decrease, which impacted several schools in Jimin’s hometown.

A recent documentary revisited Jimin’s former elementary school and found that it had now been converted to a Center for Nutrition Education for Elementary School Students.

Perhaps the most saddening aspect was when it was shown that the playground, that Jimin would have had a lot of fun memories on, was now converted to a parking lot.

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The school’s closure was not only hard for the students, who would have to make new friends and adjust to a new school, but also for the teachers who would have to be uprooted, after giving so many years to a community.

Upon hearing of his elementary school’s closure, Jimin was saddened and wanted to provide strength to the students.

At the final graduation ceremony at Hoedong Elementary School, Jimin’s father was there to distribute signed copies of BTS’s albums to all the students who were present.

Additionally, Jimin made a generous donation that would cover the school uniforms for all those graduating who were going to a middle school.

It is apparent that Jimin has a great deal of loyalty to his hometown and has a kind-hearted and empathetic nature.

Despite his hectic schedule, he still made the time and effort to help ease the difficulties that were being experienced by students at his former elementary school.

This isn’t the first time Jimin has shown his support for his former hometown, as he has also donated 100 million won to help Busan students.

It is actions like these that explain why Jimin is so beloved by the entire community in his hometown. His hometown constantly put up banners praising Jimin as their pride.

With such a kind-hearted nature and compassionate attitude, it is clear to see why anyone would be proud to be from the same hometown as Jimin.


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