BTS’s Jimin Once Revealed Jungkook’s Weakness At A Fansign

Even the amazing Golden Maknae has a weakness.

From quirks to habits, nobody knows BTS better than BTS!

Jimin and Jungkook are especially close, having a nearly-telepathic connection. So, if you want to know something about one, your best source of information is the other!

At past fansigns, BTS would answer fans’ questions on Post-It notes. Through these notes, Jungkook revealed facts like: Jimin has the third-highest alcohol tolerance in BTS, he is the second-slowest typist, and he would not survive in the wild.

Jimin also shared facts about Jungkook. When a fan asked him what the Golden Maknae’s weakness is, Jimin wrote, “He’s ticklish.” 

Well, there’s no doubt about that. Here are the receipts, your honor!