BTS’s Jimin’s Mattel Doll Is Leading In Sales And He Continues To Prove That He Can Make Anything Sold Out

The huge selling power of Jimin!

BTS‘s Mattel Dolls are now out for pre-order and the Jimin doll is currently raking in the most sales.

The Jimin doll showed strong sales on its first day and continues to be sold out on numerous websites selling the goods.

Mattel how shown much love for Jimin even earlier this year. When the official BTS Twitter account tweeted a link for a Bangtan Bomb featuring Jimin, Mattel couldn’t help but reply how perfect he is and that’d make a perfect doll.

Many fans are loving the new dolls, which some netizens saying that it reminds them of French dolls. Still, fans are saying that Mattel couldn’t fully capture Jimin’s beauty, but they don’t blame the company. Fans are saying that Jimin is just so beautiful, it would be difficult to replicate!

Jimin has a huge fan base, with many loving his soft and emotional singing tone and graceful dances lines, as well as his ability to go from sexy to cute. Due to how much his fans love and want to support him, anything Jimin wears or endorses get sold out!

For example, Jimin wore these shades in the BBMAs and they immediately sold out.

His perfume (which is part of the VTxBTS collection) sold out on the first day of its launch in Korea. The perfume is still very popular in Korea as well as globally.

Even if the items are luxury brands – like the necklase he wore and the phonecase he used during their Japan stadium tour last July 12, 2019 – they sell it immediately due to Jimin.

Even this jacket that he wore for a pictorial for Japanese magazine “Angang” has been sold out since fans figured out where to buy it!

That’s the selling power of Jimin!

Source: Naver