BTS’s Jin Has Finally Changed His Answer To “Will You Marry Me?”

He responded to ARMYs’ proposals in two very different ways at BTS’s handshake event.

If BTS‘s Jin had a dollar for every time ARMYs proposed marriage, he’d be rich. Well, richer.

Jin is sweet, funny, talented, witty, and Worldwide Handsome, so it’s not surprising that fans have asked him to marry them. Each BTS member has a unique way of responding to “will you marry me?”, but Jin’s might be the most memorable.

In the past, he has always turned ARMY down. One time, Jin told fans not to be ridiculous.

Another time, he flat-out refused!

On July 16, BTS held Day 1 of their handshake event in Japan, where J-ARMYs had the chance to briefly interact with the members. Stories from Day 1 are already hitting the internet, and two of those stories involve marriage proposals.

When one J-ARMY asked Jin to marry them, he responded with a sweet but savage “thank you”. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Fortunately, there’s still hope.

When another J-ARMY asked the same question, Jin’s answer was…yes!

Has ARMY finally wooed Worldwide Handsome? Nobody knows for sure, but here’s hoping!