BTS’s Jin Finds A Wardrobe Malfunction And V Was There To Take Care Of Him

BTS’s Jin and V is the friendship that we all need.

During the 2019 KBS Song Music Festival, BTS’s Jin realized that he didn’t button his jeans up all the way. Jin was a true professional in that he did not freak out about it and rather worried that it would show on camera.





He told V about his wardrobe malfunction and V reached out his hand to try and “fix” the situation.




Jin made sure to perform his best while taking the time to button his jeans when the camera wasn’t on him.




V could be seen continuously checking up on Jin throughout the whole performance, making sure that Jin was ok.




After the performance, Jin whispered to V, probably to let him know that he was able to button up his jeans.




The relationship among the members can be seen through these types of situations. They are always there to support and help each other out in any type of circumstance.




Fans saw Jin explaining his wardrobe malfunction story to Suga and his reaction was priceless. Suga kept repeating “Aigo” (oh my) over and over.




Regardless, it’s always nice to see the members worrying and caring for each other!