BTS’s Jin Has Run Out Of Dad Jokes Because He’s Used All Of Them

King of dad jokes.

BTS’s Jin turned on a live stream on April 8 for a beloved Eat Jin session with fans. Eat Jin is a mukbang style show that he started himself by showing how to cook different meals. He later began eating food during live streams to connect with fans.

During his live stream, a fan asked why he didn’t do dad jokes anymore. Jin reveals that although he wishes to do more, there haven’t been any new dad jokes that have come out for him to use.

He states that he’s just been reusing some old ones from before but he’s stuck in a rut when it comes to new dad jokes.

On the most recent episode of Run BTS!, Jin was seen making dad jokes, showing that he’s still got game!

Hopefully Jin will have some new jokes to come out with in the near future!

Until then, here is a compilation of some of Jin’s dad jokes in case you haven’t heard them yet!