BTS’s Jin Returns With “Eat Jin” And Blesses Fans With His Presence

Jin has finally updated his “Eat Jin” series!

BTS’s Jin turned on a live stream on April 8 for a beloved Eat Jin session with fans. Eat Jin is a mukbang style show that he started himself by showing how to cook different meals. He later began eating food during live streams to connect with fans.

It has been about four months since his last Eat Jin from last November.

During this short 30 minute live stream, he ate beef gopchang while communicating with fans. In that short time frame, he told various stories from why he got his haircut to a story about his friends’ weight.

Jin was shocked that he was able to eat comfortably while over 3M people were watching. He felt that he had truly become used to these live streams seeing that he was able to eat without talking. He admitted that he used to feel pressured to talk during these streams but was much more comfortable now.

One ARMY asked him to blow kisses with his hand, but he politely declined saying that he was saving them for when they do a concert.

He completes his meal in just thirty minutes and thanks fans for joining him before signing off.

ARMYs were truly blessed today with Jin’s short but sweet live stream!