BTS’s Jin And V Have Completely Different Auras, Here’s Why Fans Can’t Get Enough

Who’s your type?

Jin and V are known for being the visual members of BTS, and for good reason, too. All it really takes is one look to understand why!

Jin has a classic beauty that you could model statues out of.

V, on the other hand, has a more daredevil, bad boy style that could easily heat up a room.

Their opposing images has birthed many hilarious sayings in the BTS fandom. For example, they say that Jin can save the country with his face…

…while V can ruin a country with his.

Others joke that V perfectly embodies the saying “If beauty could kill”…

…whereas Jin’s visuals can be described by the saying “If beauty could heal”.

Together, it’s a visual explosion.

ARMYs, how lucky are we to have these two in our lives?

If you can’t get enough of Jin and V, you definitely need to watch their hot performance of “Pied Piper” below!

Source: Nate and Autumnsfancam