BTS’s Jin’s Reply To ARMY’s Post On Weverse Reveals He Knows Just How Much ARMYs Struggle With Buying Their Merchandise

Why did you have to call out all the ARMYs like that, Jin?

“The House of BTS” is a pop-up store that BTS opened in Seoul last 2019.

It opened from October 18, 2019 to January 05, 2020 — exactly 80 days.

Because it’s just a pop-up store open for a limited amount of time, ARMYs that were fortunate enough to visit it couldn’t help but post about their experiences inside the wonderful establishment.

One ARMY took to Weverse and post her excitement over the store. The ARMY shared how ecstatic she is to be there at the pop-up store, even likening it to the feeling of being in heaven.

ARMY: It’s been 20 minutes? Since i got in the pop up store ㅠㅠ ARMYs, it’s heaven hereㅠㅜㅠㅠㅜ It’s heavenㅠㅜㅠ

BTS’s oldest member, Jin, replied to the ARMY’s comment with a mildly savage statement that called out every ARMY’s struggles.

It’s probably like hell for your bank account.

– Jin

Where’s the lie in his reply, though?

At least his comment sounds better in Korean: if you automatically translate it to English, this is what you’ll get:

And frankly, dear Jin, ARMYs all over the world have never felt so attacked before.

Source: @btsweverse__up