BTS’s Jungkook Decides To Call RM Because He Couldn’t Actually Be There To Join The Live Stream

Jungkook loves to be a part of RM’s live streams.

On March 10 KST, BTS‘s RM posted a message on Weverse announcing that he would hold a live stream during lunch time.

“It’s raining. I’ll see you all in a live stream in a few hours during lunch time.”

Fans waited patiently for him to start his live stream, in which he finally started around 1:30 PM KST. He started off the broadcast by eating his lunch (which was Shake Shack btw), stating that he wasn’t able to eat because he had a shoot early that morning.

RM felt that it had already been three weeks since they started promoting their new album and that it was time to do a quick album review with fans.

While he was reviewing V‘s solo song, “Inner Child,” he received a phone call from none other than the golden maknae, Jungkook!

Jungkook apologized for calling in the middle of his album review and stated that he called just to let him know that he finished filming and was watching the live stream on his way home.

He also gives a quick shout out to ARMYs stating that he was watching too and that we should all watch it together.

Namjoon later jokes and says, “Isn’t this the first time you’ve ever called me? Call me more often and I’ll call you more often too.”

After they hang up, RM reveals that it was a joke and that they usually communicate through Kakaotalk the most.

The hashtag #Behind7WithJoon also began trending as fans tuned in to watch his live stream.

It’s always fun to see how Jungkook will make his entrance in RM’s live streams!