BTS’s Jungkook Promises To Return With Another Live Stream And Has Fans Crying With Joy

JK is coming back!

BTS‘s Jungkook and V held a live session together making arts and crafts while jamming out to some fun songs. This day was marked an important day in the lives of ARMYs as it was the first time Taekook came together to do a live session and post a selfie in quite awhile.

The duo worked hard to try and interact with fans while trying to make a cute carnation rose and headband in light of Parent’s Day that was coming up soon. Fans were happy to see the two together and were happy to see them smiling and well.

Fans knew very well that Jungkook has not done his own live session in almost a year so it was truly a blessing for fans. Jungkook revealed that it was a bit awkward because he hadn’t done it in quite awhile.

His last solo live stream was on June 16, 2019, making it almost a year.

During the live stream with V, he ended the session letting fans know that he wasn’t able to talk much with fans because he was so busy concentrating on his flower. Although he may not have talked much, his beautiful smile and presence was enough for the fans.

He also visited Weverse and left a message to fans letting them know to stay tuned for another live session soon!

“Ah carnation…”

“I wasn’t able to talk with ARMYs a lot.”

“I think next time I won’t do something that involves making something.”

“I think I’ll do a live stream soon. See you then!”

Fans can hardly contain their excitement about Jungkook’s next live stream! Are you ready for it?