BTS’s Jungkook And V Graces Us With Their Presence As ‘Taekook’ In A Live Stream

Finally a Taekook session!

On May 5, which is Children’s Day in Korea, BTS‘s V and Jungkook graced ARMYs with their presence through a surprise live stream. The two prepared craft materials in order to create carnation flowers and a headband for the upcoming Parent’s Day holiday in Korea.

What’s even more adorable about this duo is that they actually acknowledged their ship name ‘Taekook’ and had fans UWUing.

This live stream was a monumental day for ARMYs as it was supposedly four years since the last ‘Taekook’ live and three years since they took a selfie together.

“Making carnations for Parent’s Day on Children’s Day!”

This was such an important day that people were even celebrating by making photo cards and giving them away.

Taekook’s fun chemistry could be seen through this live stream and put smiles on fans’ faces.

They had a fun session of arts and crafts while interacting with fans and singing songs together. They even did a heart together for ARMYs which made fans’ happier than ever.

Watch the full live streams below!