BTS’s Jungkook Is Fearless, But Even He Gets Shook By One Thing

“Run BTS!” viewers witnessed a rare moment: startled Kook.

BTS‘s Jungkook doesn’t scare easily, but even the brave can be taken by surprise!

To entertain ARMY, and themselves, BTS likes to test their courage. Jungkook always passes these tests with flying colors, whether it’s bungee jumping, squaring off with zombies, or touching icky things in a Mystery Box.

BTS’s courage test went down in Episode 82 of Run BTS!. The members faced off in a series of virtual reality games, including some scary ones.

The game White Day takes place in a school of horrors. One team’s player hides objects and manipulates the environment by setting traps. The opposing team’s player has to find the objects, avoid the traps, and try not to die of fright.

Fraidy-cat Jin showed unexpected courage levels, but J-Hope nearly had an aneurysm, even when he wasn’t playing. He freaked out more during V‘s turn than his own!

When V stumbled on Jin’s trap, a horrifying ghost popped out of a cabinet and nearly everybody lost it. V’s tiny fists went flying…

…J-Hope, Jimin, RM, and Suga, all screamed…

…and even the unscareable Jungkook got “Jungshook”! For just a split second, he lost his smile, his eyes went wide, and fear flashed across his face. A rare sight, indeed!

Jin was the only person who didn’t react at all. He was too busy orchestrating the nightmare to watch it!

For more of BTS’s freakouts, watch how Jin tormented J-Hope just for the fun of it.


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