BTS’s Jungkook Is The Literal Sunshine Wearing This Yellow Hanbok

His beauty is blinding.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently celebrated his 22nd birthday on September 1, 2019. Many fans celebrated his birthday, but no one showered him with more love than his members.

J-Hope decided to greet Jungkook and give the fans a treat at the same time! He released never-before-seen photos of Jungkook wearing a modern-day yellow hanbok, and he looks like the sun personified.

The idol can be seen fixing his hair and holding a mirror with his foot to fully utilize his two hands. With the wacky pose and the bright colors, fans are loving how youthful BTS’s golden maknae looks.

Check out the post here:

Our maknae baby, we love you a lot. #HAPPYJKDAY #JungkookBirthdayCelebration #HopeFiln

Source: TheQoo