BTS’s Jungkook Looks Majestic In This Blue Silk Shirt

He looked gorgeous.

First people were freaking out about Jungkook‘s new hair in BTS‘s Chiba fan meeting, now they’re freaking out over how good he looks in his blue silk shirt.

When fans saw photos of him in that shirt, people couldn’t believe how such a simple shirt could look so perfect on him. People say that when he wore that shirt, he only looked even more charming and handsome.

With his amazing dance lines, facial expressions, and body proportions, people agree that the bright blue silk shirt made him shine on stage. Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but gravitate to him!

People are also praising the stylist, the one who decided that Jungkook should wear that shirt. Some even comment that their stylist deserves a pay raise for their amazing fashion choices.

With his narrow pelvis and long legs, these type of outfits definitely suit Jungkook, and people hope to see him in more silky shirts. ARMYs want to see him perform with these kind of outfits in their next fan meetings.

He looks absolutely perfect, from his outfit to his physical.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo