BTS’s Jungkook Has The Power To Make All His Hyungs Cry

He deserves all the happiness in the world.

ARMYs all know just how precious our Golden Maknae BTS’s Jungkook is as we have all seen him grow up from when he was just 15 years old training to become an idol. He was so young at the time that the older members took care of him and helped him grow up to be the amazing young man that he is today.

Jungkook never misses a chance to express his gratitude and love for his members and never takes them for granted.

“I believe that my hyungs made who I am today and I truly thankful for that.”

During previous broadcasts, the members revealed that they all cried together after hearing what made Jungkook hurt the most. It was even more touching because Jungkook was known to never express his feelings.

“It was the first time we’ve seen him cry like that. Jungkook had said at that time that he didn’t have any hardships. He worked hard dancing and singing because it was something that wanted to do. The only thing that was hard for him was seeing us having a hard time. We all cried after that because those words were so sad. We had lived with Jungkook for several years and it was the first to hearing his reason for having a hard time. He said that it was hard seeing his hyungs who have always been there for him have a hard time. His only wish is to see his hyungs happy.” 

Suga revealed that his heart hurt every time he saw Jungkook having a hard time, but was happy that he was able to see him overcome his hardships.

“We had a lot of hard times and dilemmas and every time I saw Jungkook going through those struggles, my heart hurt. But now he has overcome them…”

Jimin explained that they are all happy if Jungkook is happy and sad if he’s sad.

“Jungkook has something special. He is our little maknae and we are all happy if he is happy and sad if he is sad.”

Even Suga, who is known to be a tough cookie, has shed tears because of Jungkook before. After seeing Jungkook having a hard time after the Chile performance he revealed that he shed tears.

“Hey, I was really worried. To be honest, I shed some tears.”

With several incidents happening in the past year, Jungkook also expressed his thoughts and apologized to fans.

“First of all I would like to apologize to my fans. This has always been on my mind and something I’ve been thinking about even while we were filming. I wondered, ‘Is it okay for me to laugh and have fun here?’ I want to let everyone know that I will not let you down.”

We are all so proud of how much he’s grown and how far he’s come as an individual and as the maknae of BTS. We know the sincerity of his heart and will always be by his side throughout this journey.

Jungkook not only has the power to make all his hyungs cry but also ARMYs all around the world! A happy Jungkook equals a happy ARMY!

source: UPTEMPO