BTS’s Jungkook Shares His Artwork And Asks Fans To Title It, Here Are The Results

JK is set on this name for his artwork.

On March 18, BTS’s Jungkook stopped by Weverse to share another piece of artwork that he had been working on. The artwork had a purple background with a silver circle object in the middle.

“I added some more things to a piece of artwork I drew previously because I couldn’t sleep. Please create a title for this piece of work :)”

Fans began flooding the comment section with potential titles for his artwork.


He posted another message and announced the name of the artwork: Rock Bison.

He posted one last message giving a hint as to what the drawing was actually about. No matter what the original intent of the drawing was supposed to be, he will be using the title ‘Rock Bison’.

What do you think the actual meaning of JK’s drawing is?