BTS’s Jungkook Sheds Tears As He Reads Heartfelt Letter To ARMYs

ARMYs hope that Jungkook knows just how much they love him.

Footage of BTS’s Jungkook reading his letter from the 2020 Winter Package has touched the hearts of fans with his sincerity.

While reading his letter out loud, Jimin points out that Jungkook’s ears turn red when he speaks from the heart.

RM then sees that Jungkook is tearing up and states, “His letter was the most sincere,” as other members get up to comfort him.


Below is Jungkook’s letter:

To ARMY. Summer has passed and the cold winter has come. I am writing this letter from Finland. I’ve become more emotional now that winter has come and I’ve been thinking a lot of different thoughts as I look at the sky by myself. Of course I think about ARMYs the most. Do you all think a lot about me too? Every time I think about you guys I am filled with precious memories. So I hope that when you think of me you are filled with previous memories too! I will continue to do my best!



The members then asked what ‘아무행알’ meant in which Jungkook replied, “ARMYs have to be happy no matter what, okay?”


After the release of his letter, K-ARMYs began trending #정무행알, #우리 정구기, #앞울행알, #우리 정국 on Twitter in Korea to support and show their love for Jungkook.


Fans left touching messages for Jungkook, letting him know that he is and always will be loved by ARMY.





We love our golden maknae!