BTS’s Jungkook’s Passion Once Made Actress Kim Jung Nan Emotional

Seeing Jungkook cry made Kim Jung Nan produce a few tears.

On an episode of Radio Star, actress Kim Jung Nan revealed how much of a K-Pop fan she is.

She begins by revealing that she’s a huge fan of SHINee, to the point where she even named her cat after them.

Kim Jung Nan also reveals that she’s a huge fan of BTS. The hosts of the show find some information, which is that she reportedly cried after seeing them.

Kim Jung Nan goes on to explain the story. The story revolves around Jungkook, and how he got injured during one of their tours.

Jungkook was unable to dance for some parts of the tour, which must have been painful for him. Kim Jung Nan could tell that Jungkook wanted to perform for the fans.

Kim Jung Nan went to one of their concerts and saw that Jungkook was unable to perform. She also saw Jungkook in tears because of his inability to perform. This is what caused Kim Jung Nan to get emotional, where Jungkook passionately wanted to perform, but he wasn’t able to.