BTS’s “Love Yourself” Is The Perfect Tour According To Western News Sites

Everything was spot-on.

BTS just ended their “Love Yourself” era and even Western news sites are taking notice!

NME Magazine reviewed BTS’s concert and gave it a “perfect” 5 star rating.

The tour began on August 25, 2018 and came to a close after three sold-out home concerts in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. NME Magazine commented that BTS has gone a long way since their first concert date.

But in the 430 days since those first two shows, they’ve gone on a journey from a big deal to the biggest one around, breaking records and making history at a pace no one else can keep up with. They’ve topped the charts in the US and UK, sold out iconic venues like Wembley Stadium and Stade de France, and become the most talked-about band on the planet thanks to their music, message, and dedicated fans.


They commended the members for their stunning solo performances in the tour itself.

A fixture of the ‘Love Yourself’ tour has been each member performing their own solo song, each with its own unique but equally enthralling stage production.


The stage production of the show was definitely high-budget, with fresh VCRs, fancy on-screen graphics, drone shots, and more. The group made sure to turn up the energy in playful songs like “Anpanman” and have everyone singing along to more soulful songs like “Mikrokosmos.”

Variety also posted a review of the tour, praising the member’s solo performances and including elements to their songs that the older audiences would be able to relate to.

“Idol” – which sounded even more anthemic live with a stadium full of fans singing along – has its roots in pansori, a genre of Korean folk music.

– Variety

They notably complimented BTS for being able to make the tour intimate in a large setting.

The group has also figured out the most challenging aspect of stadium shows: how to make them feel intimate. Their boy-next-door charm, lively banter (in both English and Korean) and constant engagement with projected a warmth that reached the upper bleachers of Soldier Field

– Variety

Moreover, popular UK site The Guardian agreed that the concert was an intimate one that connected the group with their fans. BTS was able to create a warm and wondrous feeling despite thousands being in the audience.

Two things, though, are uniquely theirs. One is the emphasis on sumptuous visuals; even the dreamy videos shown while they’re changing costumes off stage are so gorgeous they could be art films. The other is the warmth they extend to each other, with constant pats and touches, and to the army.

– The Guardian

As they aptly concluded, “If there’s a message to this show, it is that everyone matters – a commendable takeaway.”

Source: NME, Variety and The Guardian