BTS Wrote Letters To A Fan With An Incurable Illness, And They’re Beautiful

They went above and beyond to give this ARMY strength.

BTS loves each and every one of their fans, but they went the extra mile to make one ARMY’s dream come true. 

Those who have been stanning BTS for a long time might remember Angelica, an ARMY with an incurable illness who met BTS through Make-A-Wish Korea in 2016.

Newer fans, however, might have not read the beautiful letters BTS wrote to Angelica, which she later framed and hung up in her room. Here is each member’s letter, written straight from the heart.

1. RM’s letter

2. Jin’s letter

3. Suga’s letter

4. J-Hope’s letter

5. Jimin’s letter

6. V’s letter

7. Jungkook’s letter