BTS’s RM Just Really, REALLY Wanted Suga To Know How Sorry He Was

Once RM started apologizing to Suga, he couldn’t stop.

BTS‘s RM has many talents, including rapping, composing — and profusely apologizing.

At the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), a hilarious moment between RM and Suga happened during their acceptance speech for “Artist of the Year”.

It’s unclear if Suga forgot to pass the mic on or if RM just didn’t want to wait, but RM ended up grabbing it like this.

and Jungkook burst out laughing when they saw it playing on the screens, but RM immediately regretted his actions.

In a Ending Finale Self Camera video by Mnet‘s M2, the members joke about RM’s “MIC Snatch”…

…as RM apologizes to Suga over, and over, and over again.

Everyone consoled RM and told him not to worry about it…

…but he was just so sorry! “Yoongi-hyung,” RM shouted. “I’m sorry!” 

Saying “sorry” a billion times in person wasn’t enough, so RM also apologized to Suga in writing after the show! Check out the clip here: