BTS’s RM, V, And J-Hope Hold Their First Meeting To Discuss Plans For New Album

The first meeting was a success.

On May 7, BTS’s RM, V, and J-Hope held a surprise live stream through their YouTube channel. This 30 minute live stream gave fans a raw and uncut look into the production process of how their albums are thought out and made.

Each of the members took turns expressing their ideas and opinions on how they wanted this album to pan out, revealing an up-close look at how members communicate with one another with their ideas.

Here’s a quick summary of how their first album meeting went down.

First, they hoped that they would be able to promote in a comfortable and natural way while still taking into consideration all the opinions of the members. They also wanted to make their album cover shoot to have a concept of traveling to tie into the natural theme.

In light of all the things happening in the world where everyone is practicing social distancing and staying more at home, they also thought it would be a fun idea to have each of the members decorate a room of their own in their own style. Because each of the members has their own specific style when it comes to fashion, it could also be fun to see them styling their clothes as well.

They also added they wanted to promote in casual clothes such as a white t-shirt and jeans. They emphasized the fact that even if the final product doesn’t turn out to be up-to-par with their previous albums, they still wanted to be as hands-on and involved in the process of making the album.

J-Hope reminded the members that although comfortable and natural is good, it can’t be the only thing that they should go after.

While most of their promotions and performances have been glamorous and luxurious with loud costumes and accessories, they wanted to try to go for a more effortless look such as wearing a back pack. They felt that a back pack could mean many things for people such as someone going to work, a college student, or someone who is graduating.

They also hoped to take out any concept regarding wings and go for something very different instead. Having the members take photos for the album was also an idea that came up during the meeting. RM concludes by saying that they should be natural but still be able to grab the fans’ attention.

Overall, this meeting talked about having members shows their individuality in a natural way to show the real side of BTS of who they are right now.

Watch the full meeting below!