BTS’s Suga Can’t Seem To Escape The Name “Sugar”

Put some respect on his name.

The stage name of BTS‘s Suga is one that is rather simple to say, but it somehow is one that people often get confused.


Then, it becomes another name altogether like this English translation gone wrong. This time, it happened right before his eyes.

While BTS were wearing their “IDOL” stage outfits, Suga reached inside his suit jacket to take a peek at the tag sewn inside out of pure curiosity. And, what was written on it had the rest of the group belly laughing.

The garment was labelled with “Sugar” typed in large, bold, capitalized letters for everyone to see. Since these were customized outfits just for BTS, the designer and their team somehow managed to make the funny mistake.

Any chance someone gets to mess up Suga’s name, they manage to take it, subconsciously or not. And, the rest of the group sure had a good laugh about it.