BTS’s Suga Didn’t Go To The Strawberry Farm By Himself

Strawberry kings!

On April 30, BTS‘s Suga posted a cute photo on their official Twitter that showed him picking strawberries at a strawberry farm. Suga’s cute smile radiated through the photo, revealing how happy he was to be there.

Although Suga is seen alone in the photos, it has been revealed that he did not go alone. Fans on an online community board revealed that V came online to the game and revealed that all the members went together to the strawberry farm.

Fans couldn’t believe how cute the members were in that even though they are one of the most famous K-Pop groups in the world, they still take time to appreciate and enjoy the small things in life.

Some also felt that the farm looked very similar to Jin‘s uncle’s strawberry farm that they saw in a video a few years back.

Regardless, fans were happy to know that the members were having a great time together!