BTS’s Suga Ended All Theories About His “Couple Shirts” With RM

He responded to a fan’s question about their matching clothes.

Whenever BTS‘s members show up in matching outfits, fans have questions.

Is it a penalty?

Is it a coincidence?

Did Jin forget to do his laundry again?

Did they stubbornly wear the same hoodie on the same day because “I wore it first, you should change!” (Yes, that really happened.)

Suga has been wearing FG (Fear of God) shirts for years, but now RM is also rocking this brand.

On Weverse, a fan posted several matching photos of Suga and RM with the caption, “Yoongi and Namjoonie’s couple look. Are they wearing matching clothes or sharing…”

Couple look? Suga was having none of that. He replied to the fan in his usual, hilariously blunt way. “We bought [the shirts] separately…Some of them I bought earlier, and some of them I bought later. We don’t pay attention to each other.” 

It looks like their twinning was just a coincidence after all!