BTS’s Suga Is A Genius Mastermind When It Comes To Music

Suga never ceases to shock fans with his talent!

Now we all know just how much of a genius BTS’s Suga is in terms of music and production. But it’s just amazing to see how much music he has written over the past seven years. Previously, Suga uploaded a Maschine mk2 review through BTS’s YouTube channel back in 2013. The beat used in that review was seen in his AGUST D song titled, “The Last.”

Most recently, BTS made a comeback with their new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. Their title song, “ON,” reveals that they will not give up despite all the hardships they face in this industry.

The music video includes a fun dance break segment that showcases the members’ dancing skills. Some fans found that the beat used for this dance break sounded similar to the beat he created in the YouTube review almost seven years ago.

“I have goosebumps…this beat is the same beat used in the dance break for “ON.” Min Yoongi you are a genius…to use a beat you made seven years ago for your newest album…I was watching older BTS videos and I got so surprised.”

If you compare the two video clips below, you are able to hear the similarity in the beats.

Fans who compared the two clips were in shock at what they heard.

“Wow, no wonder it sounded familiar to my ears. My ears just remembered the beat I guess even though it was the first time watching the video. Yoongi, you’ve got everything planned out don’t you?”

Others couldn’t imagine how much more music he had piled up in his studio.

“What????? Min Yoongi you genius! This is crazy I love you!”

“Yoongi is such a genius! Props to the original poster for even figuring this out!”

You can check out his full review below.

Our Min PD is truly genius in that he used the same beat from 2013 in two songs that released later. Now what we need is for Suga to release more of his music that he has stashed up in that studio of his!