BTS’s Suga Once Cried, Not Because He Was Happy, But Because He Was Scared Of The Future

RM even mentioned that Suga is very emotional because of his touching story.

One thing that a lot of casual onlookers often get wrong about global superstar BTS is saying that Suga looks cold and intimidating…

…when this could not be farther from the truth!

Suga is well-loved by his members because of his “savage” personality and blunt remarks…

…that are exactly the opposite of his sincere and adorable actions that make the members know just how much he really cares for them.

The amazing thing about Suga is that he doesn’t just treat BTS as his fellow group members — he treats them as his family, too.

Perhaps this is why Suga confessed that in the year 2017, when BTS had their greatest achievements so far…

…he did a bit of self-reflection, so on the day when BTS had their performance at the AMAs…

…he ended up crying in the shower.

I ended up crying in the shower.

– Suga

This particular confession prompted the group’s leader RM to remark that Suga is actually an emotional person — something he knows, having spent a lot of time with him even before BTS debuted.

Suga continued his confession: he felt overwhelmed because being able to achieve all of their achievements made him feel like everything was so much more than he had ever imagined and thought possible.

At that moment, he really felt the overwhelming pressure that was put upon BTS. He cried because he was fearful of BTS’s future — he felt helpless and uncertain about what lies ahead.

Several years have passed after he has cried, and BTS is still enjoying the fruits of their hard work.

This is because the group has always been passionate about music, to the point that they couldn’t help but cry as they relate to the lyrics of their songs, just like Jungkook on the next article below.

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