BTS’s Suga Once Proved He’s A True Tsundere…By Staying Mad At Jimin For Only A Few Seconds

Suga acts cold but actually has a warm heart.

BTS‘s Suga can give off an intimidating image due to how cold and serious he could look at times.

Despite this, Suga has a warm heart and is very kind towards people, especially the BTS members. Suga is kind of a tsundere, which is a Japanese word for someone who acts cold to the people they care about.

Suga once displayed this kind of behavior towards Jimin. Jimin was making a fake piano for Suga to play on.

Suga was reluctant at first because it’s not an 88 key piano, which is what he usually plays on.

Suga couldn’t keep up this behavior for long and eventually starts playing the piano.

Suga gets a major shock once he sees that his fingernails are now coated with marker paint. Suga even throws the fake piano onto the ground.

Suga shows his tsundere personality by immediately picking up the piano and playing it again.

Here is the full video below!

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