BTS’s Suga Reinvented Stretching And It’s Aegyo-tastic

Lil Meow Meow does things his own way.

BTS‘s Suga isn’t one to conform, not even when it comes to exercise.


Although Lil Meow Meow loves to sleep and laze, he also has another side to him: Swol Suga.


When Swol Suga hits the gym, ARMYs suffer, and stare, and…


…what were we saying?


Oh, right. Suga + exercise. Outside of the gym, Suga likes to put his own spin on things. For instance, while was hyping himself up for a Run BTS! game, Suga was warming up in tiny font!


One of the best Suga x exercise moments happened at a concert. Instead of stretching like a normal person, Suga wiggled his whole body like a jiggly, little kitty!


His aegyo-tastic technique devastated fans, in the best way.