BTS’s “Support Fairy” Jimin Worked His Magic On Jin

He was quick to protect Jin, and Jin’s confidence.

BTS‘s Jimin is kind, generous, supportive, loyal, and true. In short, he’s the kind of friend everyone needs in their life.


Whenever his members are feeling down, “support fairy” Jimin comforts them with a hug…


…or a kind word.


Jimin is often the first one to cheer on his members’ solo projects and hype up their achievements.


In fact, he loves his members so much that he can’t stand seeing their confidence take the smallest of hits. Whenever something like this happens…


…he’s quick to compliment his members and build them back up.


Recently, Jimin worked his support fairy magic on Jin in the BTS Weverse. On August 6, a fan wrote this message to Jin: “Wow, Seokjin-oppa’s waist is about to disappear”. 


Jin replied, “Maybe it’s because I don’t exercise my lower body”, but Support Fairy Jimin wasn’t having that.


He swooped in, waving his magic wand of positivity, and said, “No, it’s just that your waist is slim. You should eat well”.


Jimin’s sweet words warmed ARMY’s heart and picked Jin up by showing them all how much he cares!