BTS’s V Adopted A Brand New Puppy, it’s adorable af

BTS’s V just introduced the latest member to join the family, and it’s a ball of lovable fluff!

During their recent live broadcast, V held up a little puppy for the world to see.

The little ball of black and brown fur won the hearts of A.R.M.Y around the world!

The way V held his new puppy was with the utmost care and love.

And fans are all on board to welcome the new baby into their family!

Fans have already lined up a series of luxurious gifts for the baby puppy.

And a fansite was created just for the little furball as well!

Some speculate that their manager finally allowed V to adopt a puppy after they won Artist Of The Year.

It just makes sense that V would have been dying for a puppy because V is a huge animal lover!

He’s the proud father of Soonshim, Ssyongssyong, and many more!

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And he can’t help but love a dog whenever he’s near one!

This clip of BTS V teasing a puppy is too cute to handle

May V’s love for adorable love for puppies live long and happily!

Check out V’s little puppy debut below!