BTS’s V Asked For Help During The Album Meeting And ARMYs Got Straight To Work

ARMYs are always there for BTS.

ARMYs are being fed with so much content these days they can’t keep up!

After a surprise YouTube live session with BTS’s RM, V, and, J-Hope discussing plans for their upcoming album, V turned on a Naver live stream to chat a bit with fans.

Previously, during the album meeting, V mentioned that ARMYs are really good at organizing their ideas and messages on social media. RM wondered if fans would really organize their meeting into notes for them too.

They got their answer in this short 10 minute live stream, as V looked at posts on Weverse, reading messages by fans that wrote and organized their album meeting held just before the live stream. V was quite surprised at how detailed and neat ARMYs organized their brainstorming ideas. He even shared some of the posts from his phone and took a screen shot of one to review later too.

Here are other lists found on Weverse from fans who watched the album meeting live stream! You can read about all the ideas from the meeting here.

After seeing that V was doing a live stream, J-Hope popped in for a second to say hello. V proudly showed his phone to him and let him know that ARMYs actually did organize their meeting for them!

BTS knows that ARMYs are always armed and ready to help whenever they are called upon! There isn’t anything ARMYs can’t do if it’s for the boys!

Watch the full live stream below.