BTS’s V Gives A More Detailed Version Of The Dumpling Incident Through A TaeTae FM Session

V has given his side of the story.

On April 23, BTS‘s V turned on the live stream for another episode of TaeTae FM 6.13. V was looking flawless as usual with his freshly permed hair and tan sweater.

He explained that he received a lot of song recommendations from fans and that he took the time to listen to many of them. He wanted to share some of the songs with fans and decided to turn on another radio live stream.

While doing the live stream, he received a question of what his version of the famous dumpling incident was. Previously, Jimin had done a live stream and explained his side of the story.

V revealed that it was actually quite simple.

The main point of the story was that he wanted to eat dumplings now while Jimin wanted to eat it later. V laid out the back story of how this situation happened. V had been very busy during this time as he was doing concerts as well as acting in the drama Hwarang. Due to his hectic schedule, he was always hungry. After filming, he was headed over to the practice session when he asked his manager if he could buy him some dumplings.

He then came to the practice session with a bag of dumplings and had taken one bite of the dumplings when he realized that practice was about to start. Jimin told them that they had still a long ways to go in terms of practicing and that it would be better to eat it afterwards.

V, as someone who had already taken a bit of the dumpling, couldn’t wait to eat afterwards as he was so hungry. This was the start of the drama and they ended up not talking for two days.

V finally asked Jimin out for some drinks and this gave them the opportunity to talk things out. V revealed that there was one thing that Jimin said that he was truly thankful for. Jimin had told him that he wanted to give V strength and this made V forget about them even being mad at each other.

V thought to himself, ‘How could I be mad at this angel?’ and they got much closer after that incident. Although they did have some fights after that, they got even closer and now they don’t fight anymore. The group as a whole is now aware of each other’s personalities and so they don’t fight with one another anymore.

He closes his side of the story by saying that he is ultimately grateful to the dumpling as it was a way for him to get to know Jimin better and brought them closer as friends.

Another fan asked if he had ever fought with Jungkook in which V replied he hasn’t. He commented that they might’ve gotten in trouble together but never actually gotten into a fight with one another.


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