BTS’s V And Jimin Take Any Moment To Role Play, Even In A Subway Station

Vmin back in action!

On March 31, Big Hit Entertainment dropped a short 57 second clip through Twitter of the boys on the subway in New York during the filming of Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show.

V and Jimin were seen playing around acting as if they were on a Korean subway station.

Like always, no one asked them to role play or act out a skit and yet there they were mimicking the sounds of the Korean subway and even getting off the station as if it was their stop.

The two are seen laughing as they get back on, showing that they are satisfied with their little skit.

V starts up the role-playing again while Jungkook is in the back just casually getting his makeup done!

The sound that V makes with his mouth is actually the sound on the Korean subway station when the next stop is a station with transfer options. Below is an example of how it actually sounds in the subway.

Watch the full clip below!