BTS’s V Revealed That The Person In This Photo Isn’t Moonbok After All

This 2017 photo fooled everyone for 2 full years.

This legendary photo has trolled BTS fans not once, but twice!

In 2017, the above photo went viral online. Everyone wanted to know the identity of the long-haired “girl” was on a “date” with. At the time, the person in that photo believed to be the same mysterious “girlfriend” V tweeted photos of, who is none other than…

LIMITLESS‘s Moonbok. V and Moonbok have been close friends since high school.

Two years later, there’s another plot twist! On BTS Weverse, V revealed that Moonbok isn’t the person in the restaurant photo. It’s actually a male designer he is close friends with.

ㅋㅋ a close designer hyung. there are a lot of people with long hair in this world.
No… he’s a close hyung…

— V

Mystery solved!