BTS’s V Reveals What Superpower He Wants — And The Answer Is Heartbreaking

V loves this person with all his heart.

BTS‘s V gave a heartbreaking answer in a recent interview when asked what superpower he wants.


V shared that he would like to have the ability to make anything he imagines appear right in front of him.

| Kookie’s Cookies/YouTube

V would use this power to have face-to-face talks with people he wants to talk to.

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One person V would like to talk to is his late grandmother, who took care of him for 13 years.

| Kookie’s Cookies/YouTube

In 2016, V heartbreakingly revealed that his grandmother had passed away. V was extremely close with his grandmother, and he often tears up when talking about her. Whenever this happens, his fellow members are there to comfort him.

Here’s the full video below.