BTS’s V Shows His True Character With His Precious Reaction To Praise

The purest little angel!

On Let’s BTSBTS‘s V had the warmest reaction to the sincere words from his members.

Specifically, J-Hope gave V the message “We all like you.”

Despite feeling embarrassed by saying it, J-Hope knows that these types of compliments truly touch V’s heart.

Not only did V confirm it by saying how grateful he felt…

…the genuinely happy expression on his face was also priceless!

He couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.

RM noted that V is the type of person who thrives with praise.

Some people get better with praise and some people get better with advice. V is the former.

— RM

V previously confirmed this when he revealed how hard he tried to receive J-Hope’s approval.

I wanted to get close to him and get praise from him, but I felt a little bad when he didn’t see that.

— V


However, J-Hope made sure to remember these words from V and now does his best to reassure him how he feels.

Thank you, J-Hope, for bringing such a beautiful smile to V’s face!

Watch the full video and hear what the other members have to say below.


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