BTS’s V Spotted Wearing An Unusual Piece Of Headgear

BTS’s V is quickly becoming a bit of a fashion icon with his quirky, yet interesting, styles. This time, it’s a handsome beret that’s caught the attention of fans.

V was spotted wearing an extremely stylish and beret while on his way to the airport and it’s become the talk of ARMYs everywhere. The photo was captured as BTS headed to the airport, which, as we know, has become a testing ground for all sorts of outrageous K-Pop fashion.

Not only was V rocking the black beret, he was dressed in all-black as well! The long coat and the black turtleneck added to his serious look.

Check out some of the photos below:

V Beret
He couldn’t possibly find any more black items of clothing to wear. Even his mask is black!

V is becoming the master of fan service with outfits like this.

V can't resist to proclaim himself.
V knows just how cool he looks in this outfit.

Looks like it’s not just V who’s going for the all-black look. Even his fellow BTS members wore mostly black.

The best part? This isn’t even the first time he’s gone with the beret look! Check out some other times where V has shown that he’s the king of berets.

Rocking that beret.. and this time with some color too!
Rocking that beret.. and this time with some color too!

Blue or red, he is killing this look!

V is becoming more and more of a fan favorite, not just among ARMYs, but other K-Pop fans as well, for how much he cares about his fans. That extra level of fanservice on camera and on stage really does matter.

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