BTS’s V And Tiffany Had A Misunderstanding That Will Be Forever Funny

This cute interaction is still making fans laugh.

A little miscommunication between BTS‘s and Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany is still making fans laugh years later!

Newer ARMYs may not know that V and Tiffany have known each other for years. Tiffany felt like a proud older sister as she watched BTS grow from rookies to global stars.

There’s a sense of pride, in like… You know, I feel like a proud sibling because I remember introducing one of their earlier songs when they were debuting.

— Tiffany

Back in 2015, Girls’ Generation-TTS and BTS appeared together in a backstage interview on Music Bank where they answered questions and sang samples of their songs.

When J-Hope was answering a question, V ducked down to avoid blocking him…

…but Tiffany may have thought V was teasing her about her height!

Tiffany playfully nudged V, and he stood back up again…

…with this “I don’t know what just happened, but it’s all good” expression on his face.

Check out the clip…

…and relive the whole interview here: