BTS’s V Tried To Join An ARMY Open Chat And Promptly Got Schooled On The Rules

Of course, no one believed him.

Prior to BTS’s Weverse days, BTS‘s V decided to go on a late night internet adventure with ARMY, but things didn’t go quite as he planned.

Around 3 AM, when most of the world was asleep, this night owl entered a KakaoTalk chatroom to chat with ARMYs.

Join the chat, talk to fans. It seems simple enough, but V soon found himself getting scolded. First, he was told that he had to change his username to his real name, but, naturally, nobody believed that this “Kim Taehyung” was the Kim Taehyung.

Not only that, V was penalized for communicating through text. In this chat, users are only supposed to converse with pictures. V apologized and did his best to follow the rules, but it was all just so confusing!

To prove his identity (and avoid getting kicked out) V sent a voice message to the chat, promising to upload proof on Twitter. He posted this video tweet during the time when he was using the chatroom.

In the end, V left the chat, but he promised to return once he studied up on fan chatrooms, to avoid breaking more rules in the future!

Fans can’t get over V’s sweetness, and many wish that they had been in the chatroom with him.

Things might not have turned out the way V intended, but he’s not the first idol to get scolded in a fan chatroom. NCT‘s Jaehyun was almost kicked out too!

NCT’s Jaehyun Fans Almost Kicked Him Out From The Fan Chat Room


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