What Is Buccal Fat Removal? — An Explanation Of The Trending Plastic Surgery And Why Experts Warn Against It

The procedure is actually one of the least invasive.

The Korean beauty industry is one of the most profitable in the world, as the country has become a hot spot for those looking to improve their image. While cutting-edge technology often attracts visitors to the skin care portion of the industry, many travel to the country for various plastic surgery procedures.

ID Hospital is one of the most known plastic surgery hospitals in Korea. | NBC LX

Certain procedures have been on the rise since the pandemic began, and over the years, several Korean actors and K-Pop idols have admitted to getting cosmetic work done.

Jessi has openly discussed her procedures, including a breast augmentation and nose job.| @jessicah_o/Instagram
MOMOLAND’s JooE admitted to having cartilage taken from her ear for a nose job.| @j_oo.e_0en/Instagram

While it is all a personal choice regarding plastic surgery, fans often speculate on whether or not their favorite idols and celebrities have gotten work done. In the past, these rumors have revolved around mainly double eyelid surgery and nose jobs, but there is a rising procedure that has been talked about not only in the K-Pop fandom but by people worldwide.

Buccal fat removal is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing fat from the buccal fat pads located in the cheeks.

Once the fat is removed from the cheeks, the patient’s cheekbones appear more defined, helping to achieve a stronger, more contoured image.

| Korea Medical Group

While many stars worldwide have been speculated to have gotten this procedure done, only American model and actress Chrissy Teigan has admitted to having it done when fans commented on her much more defined face.

Chrissy Teigan tagging the doctor that performed her buccal fat removal. | Chrissy Teigan

While the procedure is simple, it is irreversible, which has caused surgeons and dermatologists to warn against jumping into the procedure without deep consideration. Removing too much buccal fat can cause a premature aging effect that will only worsen as the patient gets older.

You can’t be overly aggressive and remove a significant amount. It’s quite easy to remove too much, so you have to be really gentle and only remove the excess and leave a normal amount behind so that as the patient ages, they don’t age prematurely and get an overly hollow lower face.

— Dr. Ira Savetsky, a plastic surgeon in New York City (CBS News)

Buccal fat removal could be considered part of the new wave of “green” plastic surgeries taking place. You can read more about those procedures below.

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