Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Korea’s “Green” Plastic Surgery And The MZ Generation Of Koreans Getting It

They’re requesting a new option for a completely different look.

Besides ID Hospital‘s CEO Dr. Park Sang Hoon sharing the two plastic surgeries that have become popular because of the pandemic, he’s also noticed something else about how Koreans’ requests have changed.

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Dr. Park Sang Hoon shed light on the MZ Generation’s different approach to plastic surgery.

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Dr. Park Sang Hoon noted that young Koreans in their “early twenties and late twenties” are the primary demographic receiving plastic surgery, also called the MZ Generation (Millenials and Generation Z).

Rather than choosing traditional plastic surgery, they’re “most interested in green” choices that result in a much different look. Dr. Park Sang Hoon gave examples of the green options the younger generation has requested.

Instead of choosing options like silicone implants, young Koreans opt to transfer autologous fat from their own bodies for a much more natural look. They requested the same for other plastic surgery procedures as well.

Dr. Park Sang Hoon explained what the MZ Generation’s goal is, “One thing is they want a more natural shape, and they want green products.

Watch Dr. Park Sang Hoon discuss the shift in approaching plastic surgery for the younger generation.