“Bulgalsal: Immortal Souls” The Slow Hit You Should Be Tuning In To On Netflix Next

What is a bulgalsal?

Once you start going down the Netflix rabbit hole, you’ll never turn back! For those that are just done with hot hit All Of Us Are Dead, here’s Netflix’s next K-Drama offering for you. It might not be a fast and hard hit like All Of Us Are Dead or Squid Game, but you might enjoy it all the same!

Currently ranking 3rd on Netflix in South Korea, Bulgalsal: Immortal Souls stars Lee Jin Wook and Kwon Nara (of Hello Venus fame). Lee Jin Wook plays an immortal, Dan Hwal. He was a military officer set on a task to erase the remnants of the former dynasty. In the process, he became an immortal and has been that way for 600 years.

Lee Jin Wook as Dan Hwal. | tvN

On the other hand, Kwon Nara plays Min Sang Un. She was immortal but has since reincarnated into a human being. She experiences a tragic event and changes her name and identity. She seeks revenge and lives a life of escape and hiding.

Kwon Nara as Sang Un. | tvN

Supporting roles are filled with Lee Joon (of MBLAQ fame) and Gong Seung Yeon. Lee Joon plays Ok Eul Tae, another immortal who enjoys flaunting and indulging his power, wealth and immortality. Gong Seung Yeon plays Dan Sol, who was Dan Hwal’s wife in her former life.

Lee Joon in poster for Bulgalsal: Immortal Souls. | tvN

Now just what is the Bulgalsal? Warning, some spoilers for the first episode ahead. A bulgalsal is a monster-spirit-thing that feasts on human blood. It can take on the appearance as a human and is basically an immortal. The only way to stop being a bulgalsal, is to take a human’s soul. After that, the bulgalsal can reincarnate as a human. Unfortunately, this means that the human that the soul was taken from, has to be the new bulgalsal. Our hero, Dan Hwal, is made into a bulgalsal that way and has to struggle through many, many centuries, being forced to consume human blood. He vows revenge on the former bulgalsal who stole his soul and tracks her down through her various reincarnations.

Here, he comes to a crossroad when he realizes that the former bulgalsal he hunts has a twin. While he kills the reincarnation of the former bulgalsal, he is torn if he should do away with the twin as well or not.

Gong Seung Yeon as Dan Sol. | tvN

Sounds exciting to you? Beware of general violence and blood, as well as heart-wrenching emotional scenes! What are you waiting for? Catch the ongoing drama now!