The Way A Luxury Brand Once Hired An Entire Fleet Of Bodyguards For WayV’s Lucas

He’s precious cargo.

WayV‘s Lucas is known for his modelesque looks, so it’s no surprise that luxury brands are seeking him out to model for their brand. During an event at luxury fashion house, Burberry, in 2019, Lucas was invited to attend. He made his way to their store in Chengdu.

As Lucas’ popularity was rising then due to his role on Keep Running, the Chinese spin-off of Running Man, the brand spared no expense in keeping him safe. An entire fleet of bodyguards was called to the site.

Lucas was still easy to spot, however, given that he was wearing an all-white suit amidst the sea of men dressed in black.

| @cupidmks/Twitter

Just so you can really get a feel of the scale, here’s the moment caught in 4K!

Needless to say, Lucas reached the venue without a single hair on his head harmed.