Busters Member Looks so Young That She’s Going Viral Online

“I wish they’d debut once they’re fully grown.” – Netizen

With girl group idols getting younger and younger in the Korean entertainment industry, Jeon Minji of Busters is going viral online for how young she looked in a recent video.

In a recent vlog uploaded by the official Busters YouTube channel, the members stopped by at a rest stop for food, but how young Minji looked shocked many viewers and fans online.

Due to her shorter height and younger age, the other members were seen taking care of her.

They were seen feeding her, making Minji look even younger.

Minji debuted as a child actress, and recently joined Busters as a singer and dancer.


As a 14-year-old member born in 2006, she is indeed as young as she looks.

She’s still a middle school student, and her youth was clearly conveyed in Busters’ most recent vlog.

Some of the comments to how young Minji looks include “She’s actually so young“, “There’s no age limit, but I wish they’d debut once they’re fully grown“, and “She must be really popular amongst the teens“.

Check out the full vlog below:

Source: Insight